Zi Jin Glutinous Rice Water

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「Zi Jin Rice Glutinous Water」carefully selected Japan National Fungus (kōji) , Hua Tung Glutinous rice, Yilan Water, and process with the inherited formula from the ancestor which include brewing and fermenting.Then with advance technology like automatic distillation device, the entire vitamins and nutritions extracted from it can be collect perfectly. As a results, every Zi Jin Beneficial Water comes with the essence and due to it’s tiny size, it can be digested easily in your body. The best of all is it is flavourful and soft in texture, making a good drink! Alchohol-Free、No Artificiail Chemical Food Addictive and Colouring.

Honoured with SNQ National Quality Control Recognition


May be consumed directly or used for cooking, for example cooking soup or dessert, adding into medicine and any other meals.

Suitable for

Postnatal PeriodAfter Postpartum Weak body conditionRecovery Period

Zi Jin Rice Glutinous Water consists of rich and necessary amino acid which includes Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Valine, Histidine and many more. These will help to boost up metabolism, reconcile body condition, accommodate physiological function, strengthen body and maintaining your health. It is especially good for recovery period like after giving birth or infection.

Human body is in need of 22 types of amino acid daily. The main function of amino acid to the body includes:

  • 1. Supplying nutrition to human body
  • 2. Maintain the balance of Endocrine system
  • 3. Strengthen body immune system
  • 4. Maintain the proper function of cardiovascular
  • 5. Regulate the function of liver and kidney
  • 6. Reduce the negative effect from Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy
  • 7. Boost up the secretion of hormone
  • 8. Boost up protein biosynthesis

「Amino acid」is one of the most essential and fundamental nutrition to modern people in maintaining a good health

【Postnatal Tips】

Postnatal mother is not advised to consume alcohol excessively as alcohol will affect the recovery of the wound such as causes inflammation and reddish to the wound, migraine, Palpitation and other symptoms.

If the baby consumes breast milk which contain alcohol, it might causes baby to have hypersomnia, deep sleep, sweating easily, weak muscle strength, delay the growth of height and weight and even learning and behavior problem. One of the reason that baby has insufficient breast milk intake might also be their ability to suck breast milk has been weakened. Therefore, regardless of whether mother is on breastfeeding, postnatal mother is advised to change the way of feeding their baby with foods which are rich in protein and alcohol-free.