Zi Jin Breast Comb

A great tool for breastfeeding mom!
Massage breast to reduce pain and increase breast milk supply!

Breast Comb helps improve the fluency of mammary gland. Breast Comb is research and develop by clinical trial, 13 research massage granules are specially designed accordingly to the mammary gland location based on human anatomy.

A story about the Invention of the ‘ Breast Comb ‘

Waa~ waa~ waa~

With its loud yet lovely cry declaring its presence, both mom and dad welcome their lovely gem into this wonderful world. 9 months of anticipation and hard work, pain and suffering are suppose to finally come to an end. But even before the mother could catch her breathe , little did she know how quickly, she was going to be struck with the agony of breast pain.

Throughout her period working at the Obstetrics & Gynecology department, Dr. Cheung has seen many puerperal women struggle to breastfeed, with the fear of blockage or inflammation in the breast glands as well as having the need to breastfeed within 2 to 3 hours. But what’s even worse, is non other than having their breasts to swell, adding excess weight and heat cum pain, causing more agony to them new mothers.

Being a doctor but more importantly a woman herself, Dr. Cheung has seen and felt them all. In order to help overcome these obstacles and allow women to breastfeed with ease, she dedicated her career, putting in the time and effort to the creation of what is known as the ‘ Breast Comb ‘

With the ‘ Breast Comb ’ , it will redefine the process of breastfeeding once and for all. This is done by enhancing the stimulation of the breast glands, giving new mothers a more comfortable and less painful way to breastfeed. With that, Dr. Cheung has high hopes that it will make things right, giving new mothers a sweet and memorable experience as they provide their lovely newborns with the love and care they deserve.

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Before Use

1. Clean your hands.
2. Rinse it with cold water before and after use.
3. Do not drop it
4. Do not use it if there is any wound.
5. Not suitable if delactation。