Breast-feeding Soup

Postnatal Mother

「Breast Milk 」has been the first most precious gift from mum to her baby after birth.
Breastfeeding will enhance the intimacy between the mother and her baby. Besides, breast milk provides rich, essential and suitable nutritions to the baby. Since it is easy to digest, lactotransferrin, Immunoglobulin and others nutritions where you can find in breast milk, can strengthen the immune system of baby. Further, breastfeeding may helps the mothers to recover their weight before pregnancy, decrease postpartum hemorrhage and promote the contraction of womb postpartum.

Specialty of Breast-feeding Soup

Rich in protein, amino acid, dietary fibre, iron and many more nutritions. A serving of breastfeeding soup a day is suitable for postpartum care as it provides a rich nutritions easy to digest. In results, it supply the necessary nutritions to the mother, strengthen her body, promote smooth defecation.

Sheng Zao Soup

Green papaya consists of high vitamin c and papain which is two times greater than a matured papaya.It is therefore a powerful antioxidant which can promote the formation of collagen and increase the intake of iron. As a results, not only the necessity of nutrition is met, it can also promote an ageless skin.

Yu Lu Soup

Nut provides a complete nutrition to human body. There are 8 types of amino acid in nut which are necessary to human body and the ratio of it is suitable for human body as well. Further, nut also rich in lecithin, vitamins A, B, E and K, calcium, phosphorum, iron and others which are suitable for breastfeeding mum in postpartum care.

Breastfeeding soup for breastfeeding mother