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Herbal Bathing Package

Herbal Bathing Package (5 pack/ 1 set)

Can be used on cold weather, postpartum confinement and during menstrual cycle. Made by all natural Chinese herbs. Add 2000cc of hot water and Herbal Bathing Pack, it can be used repeatedly for 3 times. After that, just enjoy the bath!

Ingredients:Nepeta, Argy Wormwood Leaf, and other traditional herbs
Detail:1 pack (weight 50g±5g)
Shelf Life:1 Year
Instruction:Put into boiled or hot water until the water turn green. After that, use it to either bath, wash your hair or body. One pack of Herbal Bathing Pack can be reused for 3 times. Store it in the fridge after use to ensure the efficacy.

Zi Jin Herbal Bathing Pack