Features of Menstrual Cycle Meal

The Beauty Begin
Menstrual Cycle Meal

According to the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are three critical stages for women's health conditioning: puberty, the menstrual period and postpartum confinement. This is dedicate for woman who suffer from menstrual irregularity, dysmenorrhea, cold feet or [Pre-Menstrual Syndrome]. Every menstrual cycle is a great opportunity for regimen and by using traditional Chinese herbal, it helps to enhance metabolism and nourish your body in a natural way. Meanwhile, compensate all those nutrient losses during menstrual cycle as well as improve body condition.

Suitable For Woman who

wants to release inner beauty and learn the way of regimen. has weaker body condition for example, irregular menstrual cycle, cold feet, fatigue suffer from premenstrual syndrome doing pregnancy preparation infertility not having a complete Postpartum Confinement Care first menstrual cycle postnatal or miscarriage just recovered from severe ill and hope to speed up the recovery progress

Content of Menstrual Care Package

5 Different Types of Exclusive Soup 1 pack (200ml/pack) Red Dates Drink 5 packs (150ml/pack) Zi Jing Glutinous Rice Water 5 packs (200ml/pack)

Tips for the meal

Tips on Drinking Zi Jin Menstrual Confinement Soup Correctly

Easy to cook, save time and energy.

Traditional Herbal Soup, it takes only 5-10 minutes to complete a delicious and healthy soup.

Recommended Ingredients for Menstrual Confinement Soup 1. Prepare the Exclusive Soup Pack, Zi Jing Glutinous Rice Water and ingredients.
How to cook Menstrual Confinement Soup 2. Put the soup pack in and glutinous water 200cc.
DIY easy cook Menstrual Confinement Soup 3. Boil the water and at the same time put the ingredients in then turn to low heat.
Stew your own Menstrual Confinement Soup 4. After the water boil, close the lid and fire, stew for 3-5 minutes. Complete!