Have Sufficient Rest during Menstrual


Avoid extreme sports, lifting heavy object and stand for a long period.
Avoid Cold Water Bathing During Menstrual

Avoid Bathing

Shower with warm water, avoid bathing to prevent infection. Dry your hair immediately after finish showering to lower the chance of catching cold.
Stay Warm During Menstrual

Stay Warm

Stay at a warmer environment or cover with warm clothing.
Take extra care during menstrual to avoid cold

Avoid Catch a Cold

During menstrual cycle, immune system will got weaken and easily fall ill. Do not neglect if caught cold and must have take extra care on it.
Have a Healty Diet During Menstrual


Take in sufficient nutrients. Avoid hot and spicy food as well as cold and raw food .
Changing of Sanitary Pad During Menstrual


Change sanitary pad every 2~3 hours to avoid infection. If using tampon, clean your hand before changing a new tampon and once every 3 hours to avoid leaking. Using a same sanitary pad or tampon for a long period will have higher chance of getting infection and might eventually cause shock.
Genital Care During Menstrual

Genital Care

Wash using clean water. If there is any inflammation on genital part, use specialize genital cleanser.
Pay Attention to menstrual blood

Observe Menstrual Blood

Pay attention to changes of the menstrual blood, if happen to observe any abnormal seek medical attention immediately.
No Sex During Menstrual

Avoid Menstruation Sex

Avoid intimate action during menstrual cycle to prevent infection.