Different Types of Recuperate

We understand and apply different types of care to ensure the maternal have the best care.

Miscarriage can be categorized into surgical and natural. A good and right care for miscarriage maternal is very important. With appropriate care, it will improve the health condition as well as ensure the chance of fertility. Miscarriage care mostly focus on repair damaged uterus and accelerate the recovery progress.

Miscarriage by Oral Medicine

Oral Medicine

RU486 is a type of oral hormonal medicine, the purpose is to reduce the potency of lutein to induce natural miscarriage. So, the target to care for this cause is to restore the balance of hormones in order to speed up the recovery of ovaries functionality and prevent irregular menstrual cycle.
Miscarriage by Surgical Abortion

Surgical Abortion

Surgical Abortion is using scratch or vacuum to disrupt endometrium and embryo to induce miscarriage. This type of surgery often did too much damage to the endometrium and will cause endometrial mucus or thinner endometrium. The consequences are infertility and irregular menstrual cycle. This is why we focus on enrich the blood for this type of miscarriage. It will helps to recover the endometrium and reduce endometrial mucus.
Natural Miscarriage

Natural Miscarriage

It can be caused by DNA defection, embryonic dysplasia, maternal in poor health condition, etc. Thus, we will focus on to replenish nutrients which help to improve kidney and liver functionality as well as metabolism. It helps to enhance the health condition of maternal and reduce the chance of miscarriage in future.