Tips for Miscarriage Care

Sufficient Rest After Miscarriage

Sufficient Rest

Do not stand for a long time. Best to lay down on bed to get more rest, have sufficient and quality sleep. Avoid lifting heavy object and perform any extreme sports or movements.
Daily Life Care After Miscarriage

Daily Life

Stay warm. Avoid catching flu. Abstain from using ice cold water.
Genital Care After Miscarriage

Genital Care

Regularly change pad. Wear pure cotton underwear. Pay more attention to genital hygiene. Do not wash vaginal.
Avoid Infection After Miscarriage

Avoid Infection

Do not bath, swim or spa.
Pay Attention to Menstrual Blood After Miscarriage

Observe Bleeding

Pay attention to changes of the menstrual blood, if happen to observe any abnormal seek medical attention immediately.
Healthy Diet After Miscarriage


Avoid medicinal wine, ginseng, ice drink, coffee, spicy or cold food such as orange, curry, and so on, as well as foods which help lactation.
Regular Doctor Visit After Miscarriage

Regular Revisit Doctor

If any symptoms such as fever, aversion to cold or weakness, seek medical attention immediately.
Avoid Pregnancy within first 3 months of Miscarriage

Temporarily Avoid Pregnancy

Avoid intimate action before first menstrual cycle. Not recommended to get pregnant within first 3 months.