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Research and develop by Honorary Chairman of Tradition Chinese Gynecology Medicine Association Dr. Xu Hui Yin. The core feature of the meal is to provide specific care and packages accordingly to different type of miscarriages.
By using progressive care, it helps miscarriage woman speed up the recovery process and replenish most of the lost nutrients as fast as possible.

Progressive Care

Miscarriage care and maternal confinement is the same using progressive recovery care. First, get rid of lochia and wait until the next menstrual cycle. Then start to replenish nutrient to restore stamina and body condition. Afterward, focus to enhance endometrium, strengthen bone structure and anti aging.

Miscarriage Care Herbal Soup is exclusively made for get rid of lochia, reduce swollen, enhance kidney and intestine functionality. Using progressive care to replenish stamina and nutrients for the body.

Miscarriage Care Meal Content

Miscarriage Care Meal for 15 Days,30 pack of Herbal Soup Pack,1 pack 200g
Zi Jing Glutinous Rice Water 1 Box (30 packs/Box,1 pack 200ml)
30 pack of Herbal Soup Pack. After surgery 2 packs per day. Please read the instruction before use.

Cooking Tips

1. Use fresh ingredients.
2. Take in recommended amount of protein, iron and calcium.(Meat or fish)
3. Consume recommended amount of vitamin, minerals and fiber.(Grains, fruits and vegetables.)
4. Cook all ingredients altogether with soup to better efficacy from those herbs. Additionally, this will causes the electrolyte concentration of soup almost similar to our body fluid and thus our body able to absorb the nutrients easier and faster.


Herbal Soup Base,it takes only 5-10 minutes to complete.
1.Prepare the soup pack, glutinous rice water and ingredients.
2.Pour in 1 soup pack, 200cc glutinous rice water.
3.When the soup boil, put in all other ingredients and turn to low heat.
4.After it boil again, close the lid and stew for 3~5 minutes. Complete!

Miscarriage Confinement Soup By Zi Jin Tang