Professional Three Stage Progressive care

By way of traditional chinese medicine progressive care and taking into account of Zi Jin Tang’s more than 10 years experiences of managing postpartum meal, puts together with the design by Dr. Xu Hui Yin, Traditional Chinese Gynecology Medicine Honorary Chairman and Zi Jin Tang Golden Award Research and Development Chef Team, laid out three main principles for three stages care respectively. The main principles are metabolism, recovering and nourishing and in order to achieve this, 23 sets of concentrated soup base are carefully selected to provide a complete nutritious care with diversified flavors.

Metabolism in Postpartum Care

A mother will lost a large amount of blood during childbirth which will result to her body being weakened and constantly having tiredness after. At this point, it should be noted that a strong eagerness to tonic would have a negative effect to it. Not only that tonic will fail, it may cause a further burden to the body and in results to the increase of tiredness on the mother. This is mainly because, after giving of birth, the visceral function of the mother is not fully recovered. In order not to further burden the digestive system, meal has to be prepared with extra care. The ingredients will has to be carefully selected which are fine in texture and easy to digest. Further, it also needs to cook into smooth and creamy texture for an easier digestion.

Nutrient Suppplements:Iron and Folic Acid

Featured Soups
【Yun Er Soup ︱ Bu Qi Soup︱ Huai Lian Soup ︱ Yang Sheng Soup ︱ Xiang Qi Soup ︱ Wen Run Soup ︱ Fu Yi Soup ︱ Gan Jin Soup】

Restoration in Postpartum Three Stage Care

After a period of 10 days for metabolism and the recuperation for intestine, the mother body strength would be fully recovered. It will then proceed to the second stage with recuperation with diet. During pregnancy, a mother’s waist is the major support of the fetus and its as to suffer a tremendous amount of weight and damages to it. Besides, during the process of giving birth, the pelvis would be held open and causes the displacement of other bones and joints. Therefore the recovery of the body strength would be the major focus in second stage of recovery. By way of right diet, the strength of waist would be improved and the function of kidney would also be enhanced to prevent lower back pain in the future.

Besides, 3 to 7 days after giving birth, the mammary gland will be free to flow after the adaptation of breastfeeding. Therefore, diet will be critical in increasing the quality and quantity of breast milk.

Nutrient Supplements:Calcium and Collagen

Featured Soups
【Li Guo Soup ︱ Gu Ben Soup ︱ Gan Lu Soup ︱ Jin Xuan Soup ︱ Yi Qing Soup ︱ Mi Gui Soup ︱ Yu Li Soup】

Nourishment is one of the stage in Postpartum Three Stage Care

Having been through the earlier metabolism and recovery, mother is now being clean from postpartum elou, body pain has been decreased, wound recovery is almost complete and a gentle touch on its surface would be fine. Besides, the secretion of breast milk will be sufficient and smooth. Since the body has been recovered completely, at this stage of care, every organ would be able to absorb stronger effect supplement, thereby these soups are good at stronger tonic.

At this stage, quality proteins intake which are suitable for postnatal mother should be carefully selected, together with foods that rich in vitamin E and B which are good at fixing and contraction of cell. This would allow the mother back to rejuvenate perfectly.

Nutrient Supplement:Quality Protein、Vitamin E、B group

Featured Soups:
【Tian Jiu Soup ︱ Chun Niang Soup︱ Mai Dou Soup ︱ Pei Yuan Soup ︱ Hong Fu Soup ︱ Yuan Qu Soup ︱ Xing Er Soup ︱ Yue Ze Soup】