Postpartum Rule

Ingestion Of Compelete And Suificient Nutritions

A complete intake of nutrition not only can fill up the lost of nutritions in the process of giving birth, it can also promote the secretion of breast milk. Selecting foods rich in nutrient and low heat energy for your diet will help you in slimming down healthily.

Ingestion Seasonal Vegetables And Frutis

Ingestion of a considerate amount of vegetables and fruits will supply vitamins and cellulose that promote bowels movement. Besides, dark-green coloured vegetables which is rich in vitamin K could promote defecation and the healing of the wound.

Smaller But More Frequent Meal

As the digestive system is relatively weaker after giving birth, the best approach of eating will be smaller and more frequent meal. This is because consuming too much of foods at once will results to ineffective digestion and might even causes diarrhea and constipation.

Take More Ginger And Glutinous Rice Water

Ginger and Glutinous Rice Water will help in keeping the body warm and restoration. Warmer up uterus and increase metabolism could strengthen immune system.

Intake Of Water With Appropriate Amount

Most of the mother will feels thirsty in the postpartum period. Drinking water can increase metabolism and when the intake water is insufficient, breast milk that produced would also decreased.

Avoid Rough, Hard, Fried And Pan Fried Food

Having food that are good for digestion would promote the ingestion. Avoid having rough and oily food as it would only increase burden to the digestive system. Besides, do not take cold or uncooked food.

Avoid Taking Excessive Salt

Overly Salty food is never good for the secretion of breast milk. Excessive intake of salt will affect the concentration of water in body, therefore, avoid overly salted or pickled food types of food. One of the factor of swelling problem to postnatal mother is taking excessive intake of salt.

Avoid Sweet And Irritating Food

Having chocolate, garlic, onion and spicy food will results to your breast milk having such flavour as well. Besides, taking overly sour or spicy food will affect your mood and sleep.

Avoid Taking Excessive Nutrition

Taking too much of supplements would block the intake of water and the discharge of postpartum elou. Therefore, it is best to have supplementary only after postpartum elou.

Avoid Cold Food

The body is weak after giving birth, therefore should avoid foods in cold attributes such as carrot, Chinese cabbage, pear, watermelon and vegetable or fruit which is likely to cause allergy such as yam or mango.

Smoke And Alcohol-Free

Smoking and drinking is not advised. Besides, avoid drinks with caffeine such as coffee or concentrated tea. Saccharin and pickled food which contains chemical is not advised to take during postpartum as well.

Carefully Wash Your Vegetable And Fruit

Vegetables and fruits should be carefully selected and cleaned before consume as it normally contains pesticide which could blend into your breast milk if consume.

Only Take Medicine Prescribed By Physician

The medication the mother take will transfers to baby through breast milk, so it is advised to consult with the physician in regards to it.