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With the strict selection of black beans, high-quality kelp, local beetroot, Himalaya’s rock salt and other ingredients, the natural essence are extracted as a soup base by using the most advanced technology of “HPP ultra-high pressure processing”. Every soup base is produced according traditional cooking methods through fine stew, fine boil and slow cook.

Without adding artificial seasonings, pigments and preservatives, consumers can take in with ease and smooth flavour.

Black Bean Natto ExtractBlack Bean Natto Extract

Black Bean Natto Extract for Postpartum Confinement Soup Pack

After roasting local black beans that are selected carefully, it is then brewed into black beans and natto. The nutrition of black beans are completed retained by minimising the size of molecules for easier absorption and digestion by the gastrointestinal tract. It is also referred as the “chicken essence for vegetarian ”.

Black bean natto extract is light brown with slightly salty and fresh flavor. With the contribution of amino acids, the soup will have a rich flavour and natural sweet taste. Black beans is crowned as "king of beans" globally as it can help with the flow of blood circulation and reduce the effect of swelling (Edema).

Black beans contain high quality protein which can help postpartum moms in secreting milk. Besides protein, vitamin C and E can be found in black beans too. Vitamin C can improve immunity, promote iron absorption, prevent anaemia, promote collagen production and help wound healing while vitamin E aids in blood circulation. Black beans also contains anthocyanin, which help removing free radicals in the body, reduce wrinkles and replenish beauty.

Gentle Tips

Roasted black beans are better for consumption because raw black beans are harder to digest and absorb, which may cause intestinal obstruction. Besides easier leading flatulence caused by oligosaccharides found, raw black beans contain trypsin which will also reduce the absorption of protein.

Beetroot ExtractBeetroot Extract

Original rooted in the western and southern coast of Europe, beetroot has a reputation for "natural comprehensive vitamins”. Its status is equivalent to Chinese Ganoderma. Through the absorption of earth’s seance, high-quality pure water, pollution-free air, beetroot is planted organically with the use of modern biochemical extraction technology. Beetroot contains “bivalent iron”, which is the best iron absorbed by human body. Rich in vitamin C, A, B1, B2, B12, dietary fibre, iron, calcium, potassium and zinc, beetroot can promote gastrointestinal motility and adjust the intestinal function which aid in digestion. Suitable for pale-looking people who suffers from constant cold hands and foot. The natural sweet taste and base within beetroot (source of the purple appearance) can enhance the natural flavour and colour of the served soup.

Beetroot Extract for Postpartum Confinement Soup Pack

Kelp ExtractKelp Extract

Kelp Extraction for Postpartum Confinement Soup Pack

Carefully selected high-quality kelps which contains rich natural flavour of the sea is usually processed through ancient method of drying and low heat. Sodium glutamate is the most significant representative that can be found in all fresh ingredients. Kelps are rich in sodium glutamate, which contributes to its origin of flavour. Natural materials must be soaked, heated, boiled and other time-consuming process with the aid of modern biochemical technology extraction to hydrolyse into small molecules. This is to ensure a more complete gastrointestinal tract absorption and rich enhancement of concentration of nutrient.

Himalayan rose rock salt is found in one of the world's three most longevity of the Himalayas, produced through pure artificial mining without pollution. The mine is fine checked securely to ensure the composition of “ancient sea water" remains as uncontaminated and absolutely clean as 100 years ago. Without any pigment and processing, it is 100% natural with a variety of trace minerals required for the human body such as mineral and water-soluble calcium ions. Himalayan rose rock salt is especially rich in natural ions with mild texture. Hence, add some of it to the soup will enhance the original flavour with better serving taste.

Gentle Tips

People suffering from thyroid disease, in addition to a balanced diet, will have to pay extra attention to the intake of iodine. Insufficiency or overdose of iodine intake is not suitable. Grown women is suggested to take in 100-115 micrograms daily, while breastfeeding women can take in extra 25 micrograms.

Ultra High Pressure ExtractionUltra High Pressure Extraction

High Pressure Processing (HPP), also known as High Hydrostatic Pressure (HPP), is known as one of the top ten cutting-edge technologies in the 21st century. It is the only new food processing technology which has been widely used in multi-country production applications. Approved by the United State’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), this technology can withstand the pressure of 48 hours of high pressure to break down the food, converting from solid to liquid. This technology fully utilise the original ingredients of beetroot, kelp, black beans and natto, while soluble polysaccharides, peptides and amino acids in the small molecules to retain a full range of ingredients comprehensive nutrients.

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