Prenatal and Postpartum Drinks

Natural Postpartum Drinks 天然月子茶

Extract from naturally fermented Zi Jin Glutinous Rice Water and various formulations through high pressure concentration, without adding sugar, artificial colours and preservatives. Moisture nutritions needed by maternal moms can be replenished, either drinking directly or after heating.

Natural Red Dates Tea for Postpartum Drinks

Warm Tea with Red Dates  溫潤紅棗茶

Ingredients: Zi Jin Glutinous Rice Water, Red Dates, Water.
Effects: Nourish the liver, improve blood’s quality and stamina, discharge bad blood, strengthen immune system.
Natural Youth Preservative Tea for Postpartum Drinks

Youth Preservative Tea  月內養生茶

Ingredients: Zi Jin Glutinous Rice Water, Polygala fallax Hemsl, Water.
Effects: Promote the secretion of saliva to prevent thirstiness, antipyretic, promote dissipation of blood stasis, dispel rheumatism, strengthen joint and bone
Natural Postpartum Thirst Quencher Tea for Postpartum Drinks

Postpartum Thirst Quencher Drink  月內止渴茶

Ingredients: Zi Jin Glutinous Rice Water, Water, Trehalose, Chinese Cinnamon(Cassia), Lotus Leaf, Hawthorn, Tangerine peel.
Effects: Promote digestion, clear fat and promote defecation, inducing diuresis to reduce edema,promote the secretion of breast milk.

Natural Prenatal Drinks 養生飲品

Natural Imperial Jujube Tea for Prenatal Drinks

Imperial Red Jujube Tea  極品紅棗茶 (A great nourishment for fetus)

Original flavour of red dates are extracted purely from specially selected natural red dates without the contamination of sulphur dioxide by using high pressure steam-cooking with no sugar addition. Besides possessing warm nature and sweet taste, red dates contains protein, vitamin A, C and, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and other beneficial mineral elements. In Chinese medicine, red dates are believed to supplement and nourish health, hence it can be treated as daily natural replenish drinks for all.
Ingredients: water, red dates
Natural Black Bean Water for Prenatal Drinks

Black Bean Water  養生黑豆水

The best nutrient content of black beans are reserved completely by having a strict selection of black beans cultivated naturally according to agricultural law and brewed through HPP Process for a better absorption when breaking down into molecules. Black beans are low in calories and contains zero cholesterol and trans fats. It can be used to reduce swelling (Edema), promote metabolism and recuperate physiological function. Black beans tea can be served either hot or cold to all as it possess sweet taste.
Black beans tea are suitable for maternal moms too. Maternal moms who are not used to drinking Chinese Medicine can consider using black beans as base water while consuming.
Ingredients: water, black beans

*Note: Beverage bags cannot be directly heated in a microwave oven