Quality Guaranteed

Zi Jin Tang Quality Check

Suppliers of Zi Jin Tang

Strict selection of supplier

Choose suppliers with certified ingredients

Regular annual assessment of suppliers to obtain the inspection report regularly and to implement purchase management. Conduct inventory check and check the state of conservation of raw materials, the shelf life monthly.

Regular Inspection of Ingredients from Zi Jin Tang

Inspection check of ingredients

Rigorous inspection of received ingredients

Quality assurance personnel, acts as gatekeeper for the ingredients quality, will inspect according to acceptance test basis upon receiving ingredients. Hazard analysis will be carried out on each ingredient’s biological, physical, and chemical properties to set the inspection acceptance.

Deeper Inspection of Zi Jin Tang's Ingredients

Deep inspection of ingredients

In-depth detection for quality that is imperceptible to the naked eye

Detection of biological hazards such as mold, Escherichia coli, bacteria and other microorganisms. Rapid screening of chemical hazards such as antibiotics are performed to ensure food safety. Original ingredients such as fish, meat, medicine and other materials will be outsource to related quality control department for a detailed check for antibiotics, sulphonamides, pesticide residues, and heavy metals at each level from time to time.

Food Processing With Care

Process and handle food with caution

Product process complies good hygiene practices

The ingredients will be tested by the destoner machine and metal detector before using it to remove foreign materials such as small stones and metals. Using 3-section sink, vegetable, fish and meat are washed and clean separately. Cutting boards and knives are classified into 4 colours and types, according to vegetables, raw meat, seafood, cooked food. Different food requires different cutting board and knife to avoid food cross-contamination.

High Quality Control of Cooking Process

Control cooking process

Standard operating cooking methods to ensure quality food taste and product stability

All chefs in central kitchen possess professional chef licenses and both Chinese and Western culinary certificate. The whole cooking process is double verified by professional chefs and quality assurance personnel to ensure the quality of the meal.

Meal Sample Inspection from Zi Jin Tang

Meal sample retention

Retention of meal sample for inspection to ensure food safety

Every product goes through meal packaging according the standard rules of HACCP and GHP to establish traceability of product. In addition, microbiological testing is conducted daily to ensure food safety.