DIY Postpartum Confinement Meal

Enjoy DIY Postpartum Confinement Meal with ease and zero worries

The process of pregnancy to giving birth is the essential step for a woman transforming into a new mom. Traditional Chinese treats postpartum confinement as the best time for women to reorganise and replenish her body health. During pregnancy, the uterus expands according to as the size of fetus grow gradually, which contributes to the enormous change within a woman’s body. Another large consumption of blood loss will be encountered during child birth after 10 months of pregnancy. Therefore, postpartum conditioning is very important. If postpartum mom does not receive proper diet care within the optimum time (usually 30days) after giving birth, it will be be extra difficult to regain back loss nutritions.

Together, the honorary director of Chinese medicine gynaecology - Dr. Xu Hui Yin and Prestige Chef - Zi Jin Tang R&D Team has inherited the Chinese Medicine’s essence of progressive stage treatment with the most advance technology of “HPP ultra-high pressure extraction”. The series of【Postpartum Recuperate Concentrated Soup】is carefully developed by retaining the original freshness and flavour of the ingredients completely without artificial seasonings, additives, pigments and preservatives.

【Postpartum Recuperate Concentrated Soup】is a complete 30-day postpartum confinement conditioning diet which can be served accordingly. Different postpartum moms may choose ingredients based on own preferences with the accustomed diet every meal. Different confinement meal will totally give postpartum mom a taste of freedom in food selection with ease and zero worries.

Zi Jin Tang's Three Stage Progressive Care

Postpartum Confinement Meal Features

Progressive three Stages of Postnatal Conditioning

Based on the essence of Chinese medicine in gradual conditioning, different focus on “metabolism, repair, nourishing" will be recuperate accordingly. With the aid of specialised concentrated soup with diet recipe, health will be completely nursed back in no time.

Ready-made exclusive concentrated soup. Deliciously served with rich nutrition

Nutrients will be completed released from selection of qualified fresh herbs and ingredients after a long period of concentrated boiling, removing the residues. 3 packs per day, 1 pack per meal. Guaranteed fresh with various of tastes.

Simple cooking. Save time and effort.

Add in ready-made exclusive concentrated soup with Zi Jin Glutinous Rice Water, meat and other ingredients. Delicious immediate serving with rich nutrition, completed only in 5-10 minutes.

Exclusive Zi Jin Glutinous Rice Water

Using Japan’s national treasure of probiotics (Miyako Koji), Yilan’s Zi Jin Glutinous Rice Water and specially selected glutinous rice, Zi Jin Glutinous Rice Water is researched and developed according to ancient fine brew. It is non-alcoholic and rich in amino acids which required largely by human body. Zi Jin Glutinous Rice Water can served directly or together with cuisine, such as boiled soup, stewed dessert or other kind of recipes.

Confinement drinks steamed under high-pressure

Natural confinement drinks extracted through high-pressure concentrated cooking with no sugar and artificial colours. 3 drinks per day will supplement the necessary moisture required by postpartum mom. Can be served directly or after double boiling.

Safe Consuming of Concentrated Soup

Exclusive concentrated soup is processed factories with the double certification and recognition of ISO22000 and HACCP. Carried out under high temperature and high pressure commercial sterilisation, no addition of preservatives are added. Consumer safety is guaranteed and ensured by passing the SGS 251 pesticide residue test, heavy metal residue test and sulphur dioxide residue test.