Safety Inspection

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Zi Jin Tang's series of postpartum confinement meal is certified by ISO 22000 food safety control system and HACCP regulatory food factory manufacturing standards. Each step is carried out using Hazard Analysis and has strict control measures (operational prerequisites and important control points) from the selection of ingredients and herbs, cleaning, concentrated extraction, filling, high temperature and pressure sterilisation packaging, preservation test before putting it on stock. To ensure the safety and stability of the goods, all goods are put under room temperature preservation, 37 ℃ preservation and 55 ℃ abuse test. Through the pursuit of the system, the products are verified and monitored during ongoing sales and have a better control on the flow of goods.

In addition to the control of goods and processes, Zi Jin Tang commissioned a fair third party inspection agency to test out 251 pesticide residues, heavy metal residues, sulfur dioxide residues and other related tests to verify the safety of goods. By passing all relevant tests and incorporating the most advanced quality control requirements, Zi Jin Tang will ensure only the best and safest goods.