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The Wisdom of Ancestors , A New Era of Taste.Learn From The Older Generation And Make By Heart For The New Age.

Zi Jin Tang (Tasteforlife) has re-conceptualized the Eastern tradition of Confinement diet to suit today’s modern lifestyles and demand of mothers and their newborns. Through traditional way of preparing the meal, it enhances the ability in preventing disease and health improvements.
People can benefits from their diets as the idea of medicine actually comes from our daily foods has been deeply rooted in practice of Chinese medicine. The supplements we get from foods can enhance our health along with the changes of the seasons and it has also become the fundamental principle for good health in the modern life.

Zi Jin Tang (Tasteforlife) The Expert of Regimen
Sincerely, Professionally, Passionately guarding your health.

Zi Jin Tang Australia postpartum confinement diet, help to assure your postpartum care worry less! Enjoy your postpartum confinement with ease!


Metabolism for Postpartum Confinement Meal

Metabolism 代謝


Detoxification &  Nurture Liver and Kidney.

Get rid of wastes in your body, improve blood circulation, remove blood stasis, revitalize liver.
Reduce swelling. Improve Kidney Functionality. Regulate Digestion.
Recovery with Postartum Confinement Meal

Restoration 修復


Strength Improvement & Better Vitality

Help restore from postnatal hormonal imbalance and improve postpartum body condition. 
Improve Stamina. Nourish Vitality. Increase Lactation。
Nourishing Postpartum confinement Meal

Nourishment 滋補


Ageless Skin & Longevity

The herbal soup pack contains of many type of traditional herbs which will help to recover quickly, and lower the chances of having postnatal symptoms. 
Reinvigorate. Balanced Diet. Anti Aging。


Postpartum Confinement PackagesCarefully Selected For The Perfect Combination

Zi Jin Tang Australia has prepared everything you ever need for
Postpartum Confinement Diet. Miscarriage Recovery Care. Menstrual & Menopause Care, etc...
Concentrated soup pack made by more than 25 different traditional herbs and regimen drinks, a complete and value regimen combination,
simple, convenient and nutritious.
Experience an enjoyable postpartum confinement and have more time to be with your baby.

Delivery Area: Sydney, Brisbane, Melborne, Adelaide, Goldcoast, Perth, Canberra, etc...